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Mauna Kea Polo Club Mission Statement

"To promote and expand the sport of polo in Hawaii through continued education, sportsmanship, member support and community outreach."

The Club

We are a polo club on the Big Island of Hawaii and play our games up at Waiki'i Ranch. The club was established in the mid 1970's and after a 10 year plus hiatus the Mauna Kea Polo Club is swinging their  mallets again. We had a short test run in 2011 and a full and successful season in 2012 and 2013. The games are open to the public and are hoping that you join us in the fun for this year.



The Game

Each polo match consists of 4 to 6 chukkers (periods) that last seven and a half minutes with a warning bell at seven minutes and a final bell thirty seconds later (unless a team scores after the warning bell or the ball hits the sideboards, which stops the chukker immediately). The game is played on a field with goal posts on each end. The players attempt to hit the ball between the posts (no matter how high), to score one point. After each goal, the teams change direction. Two mounted umpires accompany the players, and a “third man” sits near the middle of the field to referee in case of a questionable call between the mounted umpires. The whistle is blown to indicate a foul. At the end of the chukker, the players change horses.

 The Rules
- Are for Safety

The most basic rule concept is: man, line, ball, man, line, ball, man, line, ball, man, line, ball, man, line, ball,


First MAN, Second LINE, Third BALL 

If  a player follows this progression, he or she will rarely foul!

Here is the explanation 

A foul is basically a dangerous play, mostly stemming from crossing in front of the man with the ball. When the ball is hit, it creates an invisible line and the players must follow it as if they are driving on a make-believe road. Each time the ball changes direction, the road changes as well. Penalty shots are awarded depending on where the foul was committed, or upon the severity of the foul. Lines on the field indicate where midfield, sixty, forty and thirty yard penalties are taken from. If the ball is hit past the back line by a defending player, a sixty-yard shot facing the spot where the ball went across the line is awarded.

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